Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Announcing the closing of this blog

It's been a long time to be operating spleenless, and the time has come for me to move on. If you like my writing and want to stay in touch, I will eventually be posting to another blog and can notify you when ready: aspleniad@yahoo.com (or comment here with a way to notify you). (Note that I don't use any kind of mailing list software and will not be sending anything remotely resembling spam. I mean, I may not be religious but I still try to avoid hellfire.)

Thanks for stumbling across my tiny corner of the web and keeping me company while I tried to find myself. I think I'm good now.


  1. Here's to you and everything you've done.
    You'll be missed.

  2. Very happy for you. It would be great to continue to see your creativity and perspective on other issues. Cheers!

  3. So so so very happy for you! Its good to know that nice things can still happen to nice people. Best part is: The musician got the girl! ;D


  4. Sad you won't be doing the blog but happy for you. I still owe you an email and will send you one shortly (or longly)

  5. Aww thanks everyone for your support! I'll try to reach out where possible and keep you posted when I have a new space launched but in the meantime, hope to see you out on the net!