Monday, September 20, 2010

pick your username wisely. Just sayin'.

Something I've learned about myself recently: I am biased against usernames. I mean, did these guys seriously think these are good choices?
  • I_need_it_bad
    (if you need it that badly, go buy it because I don't operate under pressure.)
  • Raoul_the_wolfboy
    (are you aiming to consume dates? I'm just not sure what to make of this one.)
  • dashing-gourmetchef
    (if you say you're "dashing" then I think "not humble" and that's not very dashing at all.)
  • DoMe
    (no thanks.)
  • NiceGuy7
    (if you SAY you're a nice guy, are you really?)
  • ADateWithYou12
    (this just reminds me of the zillion dates you go on.)
  • 2gether4ever
    (ack! I've got cold feet just glancing at your username!)
  • IHavePowers
    (Well, maybe the powers one is alright. I would laugh at someone named "I_have_skillz": cue Napolean Dynamite.)
Also a turn-off: mentioning how much sex you want or how sensual you are in your profile. That's so highly private and really a chemistry thing to be uncovered privately between two people. Really guy? You're going to broadcast that?

And another thing. Don't IM me, after reading that my profile says FRIENDS first (meaning don't touch me) and say "a date with me comes with a kiss!" And when I reply that I'm not so much into that type of thing, respond: "Relax. You need to loosen up." ::BLOCK::

This whole process has been very, um, interesting.

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