Thursday, June 7, 2012

groggy post

This is a month of repair, I suppose. Yesterday I awoke in the recovery room of a hospital with a giant bandage plastered across my torso and strict orders to take it easy and next week the divorce will be finalized, finally, after 2.5 years, with strict orders from myself to take it easy.

I'm too exhausted and dull from pain meds to write much right now.

Everyone is calling & texting today and I do not have the energy to respond.


  1. That's great that he stayed with you for as long as he did. I once stayed in the hospital with a woman for 21 HOURS, and she didn't appreciate one second of it.

  2. Get well soon btw.

  3. Awww, thank you. :)

    21 HOURS, damn, that totally should have been appreciated!

  4. That irritates me and I'm even more irritated that I don't know how to make an irritated emoticon. ;)

    No, I'm really glad he stayed with you and helped you. That was very sweet and definitely not required. But wtf! Where is he!? Although he's definitely staying true to his character, huh. Instead of Mr. BB we should start calling him Mr. BRB, lol. I'm sorry, don't laugh, you'll hurt your tummy.

    Love ya girlie. Hope you heal quickly.

  5. Glad you're procedure went well!
    Also glad Mr BB was gentleman enough to be there to help you out, even if the punchline wasn't so great...