Thursday, April 12, 2012

You can have your horse, and I can NOT have a horse, and we can both be happy.

Some of my single friends say, "I could never do that. I could never open an online dating profile. I just don't really WANT a relationship right now." Awesome. Know what makes people happy in life? Doing what you want. I don't want a horse and so I'm not looking for one. But my NOT wanting a horse shouldn't affect you. You want one? Go get your horse, I'll not get mine, and both of us can be happy.

(But note: it would be annoying if every time you saw me, I reminded you how much I don't want a horse. This applies to everything, by the way -- a relative used to come over, look at one of my fake plants and loudly exclaim, "I hate fake plants! I could never have fake plants." Gee, I'd almost forgotten! I mean, you only told me 99 times. I'm glad you mentioned it again so I can be sure to catalog your fake plant preferences.)

On a serious note, what kind of life do you want? Do you have what you want? What do you have to do to work towards it? What little steps can you do today to someday create the life you want? Knowing is the first ingredient. Persevering is the second.

One of the best life lessons I learned was watching a friend's father in business. He started ten businesses. Nine failed. A lesser person might've said, wow, "I guess I just suck at business" and stop trying. But he kept persevering. The 10th business was a wild success and he's a multi-millionaire now. Perseverence!

The trying and failing sometimes happens within relationships too, but if we try our hardest and love without expectation, the experience alone is a gift.

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  1. Words I needed to hear... or in fact, to hear again, have reinforced and given perspective, thanks.