Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Isn't it just easier to LISTEN?

I keep having this bird's eye view of human behavior:
person A: I don't like x. Stop doing it. (Where x is teh crazy, or mean or shitty or condemning or moody or inflexible or whatever behavior.)

person B: Noooooo!! (Justifies reasons to keep doing x, why x cannot stop, why you're wrong to dislike x, whatever. May even "gaslight" to get you to quiet down.)

[time passes]

person A: I'm really unhappy because X keeps happening.

person B: [head in sand]

person A: I'm leaving.

person B: WHAT???
Isn't it just easier to stop doing the thing person A hates?

1 comment:

  1. I agree that to become immediately defensive over a behavior that another (intelligent human being that you are considering a [FILL THE BLANK] relationship with)is finding "not to their liking" is perhaps a sign that you either don't care what anyone thinks and do not listen, or perhaps do not RESPECT that person like you should.

    Perhaps it would be easier to stop (or even consider to stop) a behavior/habit if that person was more aware of the thoughts and feelings of others. For some that might be asking a lot...

    Last thought, I have seen that arguement is a sport and entertainment to some, and a sad sort of habit for others.