Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So this happened.

This is an old subject but I'm condensing stuff from various places all to here. So this happened once:

Guy: "Marry me?"

Me: "But it's only been 5 minutes."

Guy: "But I can tell you're the one."

Me: "Can we at least wait 20 minutes?"

Guy: "Fine, I'll wait until the end of time for you."

Me: "Don't "wait" because I don't know if I'll be ready in 20 minutes or even *40* minutes. Maybe never."

Guy: "That's okay if I can't have you I don't want anyone."

Five minutes passes...

Guy: "Uh, hey, I reopened my dating profile and met someone. I wish it had been you but whatev."



  1. I have a feeling that you do not feel as if you missed out...

    Speed dating taken to the extreme... You had your chance...

    Careful of all of the accumulative brain damage all of this facepalm and headdesk-ing. I say try to resist the urge to have your head receive any abrupt impacts. Perhaps a good bicycle helmet...

    It is funny,(more funny strange than funny Ha Ha) and I cannot imagine how I would have handled the situation. Perhaps taking the guy seriously and seeing if he'll stick to his guns, or is just trying to tell you what "he" thought you wanted to hear... Perhaps it was the absolutely fastest way to bail on a date and not have it be "his" fault that it didn't move forward... beyond the initial marriage proposal. (you could have asked to see the ring?)

  2. If he had been a girl and you a guy, pants would have gone within 30 seconds.
    Just saying.

  3. I've been that guy. Maybe not the "marry me" in 5 minutes guy, but I've been willing to wait for someone who was reluctant. After a while, the routine gets old and you decide to move on.

    You didn't expect him to wait, you told him not to wait, so he didn't. So why the :headdesk:? It obviously wasn't meant to be, but I think the larger lesson here is to never believe or test someone when they say they'll "wait until the end of time." That only happens in fairy tales. :)

  4. Exactly. The ::headdesking:: is because he said he would wait forever and "forever" was like a week! I mean, seriously.

    It's more of a funny headbanging though, as there was no regret at the turn of events.