Monday, February 11, 2013

A letter to my valentine that I won't send

A letter to my sweetie that I won't give because he might die of embarrassment and I think he hates when I gush:

Hi. Thank you for always taking my bag even when you hurt your shoulder and it was sore. You overlooked your own well-being to be a mensch for me. Yes, I noticed, I always notice. You're so selfless. Thank you for always walking me out to my car even when it's frigid and totally more comfortable for you to stay in your nice apartment and eat breakfast.

Thank you for getting out of bed to be up with me even when you could sleep late and snooze all cozy under the covers. You don't have to adopt my schedule but you still rose with me and kept me company. My favorite part is still curling up together before beginning the morning.

Thank you for kissing me in the elevator sometimes. Did you know that my heart skips a beat when you lean in towards me unexpectedly like that? Don't stop surprising me. I love it.

I appreciate that you don't multitask when we are together. And I love that you take your time with me, it relaxes me. You are easygoing and that makes your company really enjoyable. Oh, and thank you for supporting stuff I like even if it's stuff you hate.

Thank you for appreciating when I cook, it makes you a joy to experiment new dishes on. I want to make you healthy, tasty cookies for Valentine's Day (if I can pull that off!).

Thank you for not being reactive, especially in recent hard times. It makes opening up easier. Especially because there is a lot that isn't easy for me to share.

Thank you for trusting me too. And for being honest with me and not misleading me. And for making laugh. I like when you play me music.


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  1. Beautiful!
    I get the feeling he knows at least some of what's in the letter, even if you don't give it to him.