Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two articles for singles

Since I'm single, I tend to slant this blog journal to my own interests, although I don't know if this serves readers. I assume if you're here, it's because you either know me, are looking for ginormous boobs (one of my most popular posts, perhaps because I say "boobs" a lot -- but note that the post will be a letdown if you're looking for actual, serious boobage), or because you stumbled here by accident. I can see from my stats that pages are visited, but that's about the extent of the demographics I can build.
Google says 83 people visited my page today but I think 80 of those clicks were me.

So I am a little self-conscious posting only "here's stuff single, angsty people are interested in, enjoy!" with a  link, but that's what I'm doing today because I may want to refer back to some of these articles. If you're married or otherwise in a happy relationship, maybe I can entertain better next time. Enjoy!

Deeper reasons why people might be single:

Why some relationships seem similar:

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