Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet the parents (I guess I should see that movie now)

We didn't plan for it this way, but we both met each other's parents this weekend. We had lunch scheduled with his folks yesterday but then mine turned out to be passing through today so we braced for a busy schedule and made room for it all. (Oh yeah and then there was the friend intro Friday!)

Thank goodness for cell phones giving us a heads up on changing!
 So, it's official now.

Meeting family & friends is the relationship version of a tree falling in the forest problem. It doesn't feel as real until you witness it happening.

It went wonderfully. He comes from this amazing, loving family (now I see why he's such a fine, kind person) and my own parents loved him! My dad is the most awesomest father on the planet but even though he's great, will still size up a good dude for me when he meets them. He tries to do it inconspicuously but I can usually tell it's happening. This time I could tell he saw all the spectacular things in my guy that I saw too. <3

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