Saturday, January 26, 2008

Risque Anthony Bourdain photo

So I'm looking through Anthony Bourdain's latest book (I went to see him in DC a couple months ago) and come across this picture. It looks obscene but it's not:

The caption reads: "Midnight Express II at a traditional hamam (an Arab-style sauna). The single most painful, embarrassing, and shameful episode of my life. This was not a massage. This was torture. The freak you see rear-mounting me twisted, yanked, bent, snapped, and pounded every muscle, bone, and tendon in my body. Fortunately, I was so busy trying not to scream that I was unaware of the sexual-humiliation component. I'm told the resulting footage was very funny. Believe me, I didn't think so at the time." Ha!

From No Reservations - Around the World on an Empty Stomach, by Anthony Bourdain.

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