Tuesday, February 21, 2012

awesome date canceled out sucky date

Yesterday's lunch date was SO BAD I said to myself "OMG I am never breaking my 'coffee first' rule!!" The guy acted like making conversation was as terrifying as leaping out of a plane. His head swiveled wildly the entire time and he reached for and rattled everything within grasping or kicking distance. Conversation was awkward and full of unsmiling, hard stares. Like:

Him: So, do you have any siblings?

me: Yes! I have a sister who lives in NJ.

Him (staring, unsmiling): *crickets*

I kept looking at my watch and saying "Don't you have to go back to work now?" He said, "I'm good! I told them I'd be late!"

When the torture finally ended, I realized when I got home that I stank like rotting salmon and goat curry (even though that was not what I actually consumed). I aired out my car, took a shower and immediately threw everything into the wash, even my boots & jacket. I felt robbed of a leisurely afternoon off.

The evening date was with someone I just met the day before for a quick coffee. (Both of us had gotten small drinks to make it fast and then enjoyed the conversation so much, ended up chatting for 3 hours.)

Dinner was a completely different experience than lunch. Date #2 has a very calm and sweet demeanor and carries himself with confidence. He also seems kind. We closed out the restaurant chatting and then sat in the parking lot laughing at funny videos. Date #3 will be tonight.


  1. Woohoo!
    So how did you end up smelling of fish and livestock?

  2. The freaking restaurant! I'm not really sure, actually. But to make those odors so present and palpable must be a feat worthy of some sort of awful award.

  3. At least you got the sucky one out of the way. Onward and upward!

  4. I think some men have grown so accustomed to the online conversation that they forgot how to act in a social environment. they tend to talk more over messenger than in person.