Monday, March 5, 2012

Epic epicness of backfat

So, I was texting back & forth with a friend one day about how I needed to workout. I said I was in danger of getting backfat. She was all supportive and sweet and said "oh stopit!!" so I said I'd send her a picture so she could see for herself.

I promptly went online and found THIS so of course I sent it.

I couldn't stop snickering. Look at the gem I found! Who wears that??

Now, my friend normally responds right away, but an hour passed and I heard nothing. This was odd.

NOTHING to say about this epic text? I mean, this was an orgy of People of Walmart magnitude wrapped up in a single photo. Surely she'd have SOMETHING to say.

That's when I realized I got the phone number wrong.

I left out a single digit.


Some random dude (probably someone's grandpa) in CANADA just received a picture, with NO explanation whatsoever, no text, of backfat.

Not only did I send it to the wrong number, but I sent it out of the country and promptly paid $1.00 for the privilege of embarrassing myself.


(And no, this is not a joke. It really happened!)

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