Monday, December 3, 2012

Be the Chief Operating Officer of your life.

"Since I am the Chief Operating Officer of my life, I have looked over the budget, the staff, the product and the maintenance of my life and have begun to see what makes this life run more efficiently....Not everyone that I wish were in my life really fit, so forcing it is a waste of my time and energy…it’s the people and places that I love effortlessly and that love me the same way that are part of my authentic life path....

"When scientists do research about primates, they often come up with the same observation. They do better when there is a strong sense of fellowship, or community. They have less attacks, more food, less injury, more reproduction. Literally, their chromosomes are stronger when they are part of a peaceful, well paired, in-sync group.

"Today, I promise to take action to value the village that feels right for me. I will reach out more and be of service. To follow Don Miguel Ruiz,  I will try to do my best, not take things personally, never assume and be impeccable with my word. I will recognize when the pairing doesn’t work, and move on."

- Jen Smith,

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