Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funny chat convo (and poor planning on the part of the vicar with a potato up his ass)

Me: gah! Caught by net nanny again at work. This never happens because I'm trying to look at porn on PURPOSE, you know. It's the bait-n-switch. Okay, um... oops,  that doesn't look like the president.* (*true story, used to be a porn site.)

Friend: Suuuure. Like that priest dude who slipped while hanging curtains naked and a vegetable got stuck in his ass? I hate when that happens.

Haha! I remember that story. The veggie in question was a potato.

"I slipped" was the best he could think of???

  yeah that happened to me once. And then again a couple minutes later.

Me: Ha! I mean, what is he thinking? The ass is like a giant black hole with a huge gravitational pull, sucking in any object within a 5 foot radius? I mean, really!

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