Friday, July 1, 2011

"On a typical Friday night I am... sitting in my doublewide."

Check this out. Whaddaya think, he's the one? This was an actual profile on Okstoopid a while back. Last September I saved it in my "funny haha" folder and today I'm cleaning electronic house and thought "this would be great for my blog!"


Hi, I'm Bubba, I'm 4'10" and 465lbs. I'm grossly unattractive, eternally unemployed, unquestionably impotent, repulsively pathetic, arrogantly narcoleptic, trailer park living, hygienically disregarding, genital scratching, incontinent wearing, patholigical liar with a nasty attitude, bad breath, fashionably hairy back, an IQ of 75 and absolutely no sense of humor.

I desire an angry, self absorbed, egocentric, narcissistic, control freak type woman that appreciates and posseses similar virtues to mine for a long mutually demeaning relationship.

Added bonus if you are moody, manipulative, materialistic, or tantrum throwing. I also have a thing for big haired chicks who have taken out a ceiling fan or two with their hair-do, but even if you don't got big hair, as long as you got some of the above qualities, i'm all for it.


I don't read books. They're bad for you. All they do is give you bad ideas. Movies? I only watch the ones starring Ron Jeremy. I like the music at the tractor pulls...and as far as food goes, anything deep fried, specially possum


sitting in my doublewide watching my relatives on the Jerry Springer Show while drinking a case of PBR


You're into short, round, illiterate men.

I don't think I'm angry enough for him though.

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  1. LMAO! Can you get his number for me? Please?