Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That's what she said.

A conversation with my body. We prioritize differently but she's stronger and usually wins the fight.

me: Good morning!

body: No.

me: C'mon, get up!

body: That was only 4 hours. I require 8.

me: Too bad, there's no more time. We have to get up now.

body: You will pay for this. I WILL get my other 4 hours.

me: Whatever. You can sleep late tomorrow. Let's go!

me: Good morn!

body: That was only 8 hours!!

me: I know, isn't that awesome?

body: But... ::sputter:: what about yesterday? I'm still beat.

me: Nah, let's get up and write. The day is young!

body: Nooooo!!

me: Pffft. You are SUCH a wimp.

[writing happens]

body: (ahem) um, excuse me?

me: I'm busy. What's up?

body: I'm tired.

me: So? I've got things to do. You can sleep tonight.

body: But it's Sunday. You have no plans.

me: Right, but look at this LIST.

body: Juuuust a half hour? Please? Pretty please?

me: Oh alright. Fine.

[laying down]

body: Ah ha!! Bitch slap!!

me (struggling weakly): Wait, not so fierce! A LIGHT nap.

body: Fuck you. This is MY time.

[an unspecified period passes in blackness]
me: nnngggghhhh.
body: Good morn! Take two. :)

me (fumbling for watch): How LONG was that?

body (beaming): 4 hours.

me: FOUR HOURS?? You NEVER nap that long!

body (flexing): heh. That was awesome. I had to knock you out but you know, all's fair in dreams & sleep. Feed me?

me: You are an endless bag of demands!!

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