Thursday, November 7, 2013

A possible Seinfeld episode.

Person A: So I drove to the doctor's because I forgot when my appointment was. My calendar ate the entry. I tried calling them 2 days ago but they were closed until today.

Person A: Anyway so I drove there just to ASK when my appointment was. I thought it might be right when they opened.

Person A: But the appointment WASN'T at 9. I guestimated wrong. It was at 2.

Person A: Then I realized that if I drove back to work right then, the lot would be full. Everyone coming to work and all? So I figured fine, I'll go buy some socks. I need to do this before my trip anyway.

Person A: Only the socks store wasn't open.

Person A: While I was sitting there in the parking lot trying to figure out what to do, I fell asleep.

Person A: Yep, fell asleep in the car.

Person A: When I woke up, the socks store was open. So I got my socks afterall. 

Person A: I spent $100 on socks.

Person B: No one but you, man.

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