Wednesday, November 27, 2013

say something.

Hmm... it's a tough choice. Spend the evening sitting on Interstate 95 inching up the northeast corridor at 4 miles an hour along with the rest of the fidgety Thanksgiving-bound crowd, or go out for Vietnamese with a cute guy? Tough decision, but after an appropriate amount of deliberation not a second less than 3 minutes, I found myself sitting across from the sweet-natured guy I met only a week ago. I'll drive up in the morning.

I invited him back to my lair to help me wrap presents for Hanukkah and played songs from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack while discussing my riveting R-as-L, R-as-RL, and R-as-RR  language hypothesis of a single consonant moving from Asia westward, as demonstrated by the "Ringa Ringa" song. (It really does sound like they're saying "Rlinga Rlinga Rlinga", the R makes such a fascinating cross-cultural study, right?) (Wake up, I'm done!)

He gets awesomeness points for doing some boring chick thing where the closest thing to disrobing involved pulling wrapping paper off a cardboard tube. It can't possibly have been an ounce of fun and yet claimed he was having a great night. The more I learn, the more I like. When it clicks, it really does click, you guys.

So why the tinge of sadness?

I spent the whole past year full of adoration for a guy who is full of adoration for someone else. Maybe it's that I don't know how to just stop.

Funny, this could be our ending song, except we'd both be the one letting go, saying goodbye to our unattainable loves.

I'm not ready to do anything specific yet but I am slowly opening my heart to other possibilities. A good-natured new guy is gently offering his arm as an open door beckons.

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