Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm in LA now

I'm in the LA area right now and not totally sure what to record:

- Traffic photo taken today at 3:30pm, evening rush hour well underway. It really IS as bad as they say. It took one friend 3 hours to drive 30 miles Tuesday morning.

- I fell asleep in such a twisted position on the plane that it made both my sensory AND motor nerves fall asleep (as evidenced by the dead, floppy ankle I flung to the ground when I recognized, then immediately rescinded, a desire to visit the airplane lavatory).

This incident translated to a "stuck" sacro-iliac joint and I spent the past 5 days googling bizarre yoga poses and angling all over the floor on my back.

Two trips to a chiro were not as helpful as stretching, however; a good lesson I'd like to not ever stumble upon again. (Need I insinuate the suckitude of having to seek help on a fucking vacation?)

- I know I just had a birthday so let's pretend it's okay to talk about aches and pains, since this blog appears to be full of them lately. I'll consider renaming it to something like "GetOffMyLawn" to embrace the apparent new theme.

- I'm so much fun on vacation that I just finished 5 hours worth of freelancing. Call me next time you're scheduling a party and want to liven it up. I'll bring my computer.

- The La Brea tar pits really do smell like asphalt. 100,000 animals were recovered from there during a 2-year period of excavation. Go there and then get apple pie at Jones Hollywood (3 miles away) afterwards but be prepared to feel your pants cinch your waist like a tight sausage casing. (But you shouldn't be wearing anything besides stretch pants on vacation anyway so I have no sympathy for you should that be your plight. Pack wisely.)

- It was 85 degrees today. I saw smog, true LA-style.

- I got to overhear a friend in an interview with the NY Times today, very exciting.

- The cat that threatened to slice my forearm into ribbons on my last visit has since adopted my lap as a favorite sitting place. This feels so awesome that I want to hug the breath out of her in gratitude. (In hindsight, perhaps this impulse is related to her aforementioned boundary-setting message of doom?)

- Just kidding, I am way less confident around cats than dogs, having grown up a dog person, so I always pet cats with trepidation. They sense fear though. Your ass is grass (or, actually, ribbons) if you don't do it right.

- Noticed someone smoking weed on a path in Venice Beach a few days ago and marveled aloud in shocked tones at their lack of discretion before being reminded that pot is totally legal in California. Oh RIGHT. I guess now the clinics with bouncers suddenly make sense.

- Gyms in LA are fucking PACKED. Everyone's gotta muscle up or something. People are weird, who gets dressed up to sweat? And yet.

- However, there is pretty much a donut shop on every corner.

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  1. I had a blast last time I was in LA a few years ago.
    But the city always looked plastic to me.

    Did you ride the Ferris Wheel over the pacific yet? Sounds like you're in the right general area.