Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Resolving conflict in healthier ways

Me: So it was just learning about all these different things people can do when they're communicating that don't actually open conversations but shut them down. The researcher's name is Dr. Gottman.

Him: I think I heard of him. Yeah, when I was dating Roxanne* we got into an argument and I was pretty upset. But she never reacted with anger or drama. At some point she just said, "come here," and it was then that I realized that she was different, she wasn't going to react the way I was used to growing up where people yelled. It was exactly what I needed. And that's when it dawned on me that I could trust her.

Me: Right? There's something really great when you have a high emotion situation but people don't lose their sh*t. That's how to react that opens doors. She somehow understood what you needed. I was lucky enough to experience that too with someone. He never got angry in a way that really triggered me.
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*not her real name

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