Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bagels and locks

When my mom first moved from NYC to the (then) sleepy suburb she later started a family in, she went to the supermarket to look for bagels and lox. The store was small and she was used to moving quickly but a fast scan yielded no sign of the ingredients needed to make her favorite tasty sandwich. She finally decided to ask someone for help.
"Excuse me," she inquired of the man at the register. "Where are bagels and lox?"

He looked at her and without missing a beat, replied, "Bagels are at the bakery and locks are at the hardware store, miss."
I wanted a bagel & lox today but alas did not leave my house - another snowpocalypse hit the region and work was closed. I had the next best thing, however: a giant leafy salad. I must have been a rabbit in a previous life. (Do rabbits eat lox?)

I planned to spend the day relaxing and perhaps that very attitude is what spurred the redesign of one of my websites. I'm shifting gears all over the place, personally and professionally, and it feels so good to dive into a creative project! (Now how many more chances for snow will we have left this winter?)

I'm in significantly better spirits than the tone of my last post implied - for one, it's not midnight and I'm not thinking of my failings (not a great pastime, it turns out -- who knew?), AND I got to have fun, for like, 4 hours straight. The old saying used to be that salt water cured everything: sweat, tears or the sea but I think that should include creative sweat.

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  1. Please tell me I read that wrong, and didn't see you compare a salad favorably to bagels and lox.
    Especially not if there was a shmear involved. ;)