Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This song has been in my head for three days

This isn't even a song I am crazy about but it's been in my head for three days now:
"I don't want to be
Anything other than what
I've been trying to be lately.
All I have to do
Is think of me
And I have peace of mind."

--Gavin DeGraw (vid below)
I am really enjoying being single lately! Crawling into bed with all my books around me... absolutely delicious! In fact, I need to do just that in a few minutes. February is an awesome time to be alone if you're an introvert at heart. It's a month that begs you to cozy up with a good book. Today I left work, drove to an exercise class while eating leftovers on the interstate (I'm so classy), hung off a ballet bar for 45 minutes until several tendons popped (that's how you know you're "done" -- kinda like cooking), ate the rest of my leftovers on the ride home and then had the following text conversation:
Me: Considering starting a photo collection entitled "Things I Have Accidentally Dropped Into the Bottomless Abyss Between My Driver's Seat and Center Console" featuring countless selfies portraying the look of horror on my face while innumerable items have slid out of my grasp into oblivion. Yesterday it was sliced beets, today it was sweet potato skin. 

Friend: Sliced beets, really? Most people drop quarters or pens. 

Me:  There's quarters and pens down there too.

Friend: at least it's staying healthy down there
I can explain the sweet potato thing.

So, I peeled off all the skin and savored the juicy insides and then while I was carefully exiting the car with the refuse, my roommie zoomed past and rolled his window down frantically. I stopped in my tracks lest I step into his unpredictable path.

His head swiveled wildly as he surveyed the street. "Can you move your car up so I can fit behind you??"

Since he was in a rush, I dove back behind the wheel but in the frenzy, the container popped open and potato skins went flying everywhere. Somehow they ended up in that goddamn black hole next to the seat. (Whoever invents an impermeable center console can charge an extra $5,000 -- I had JUST vacuumed it over the weekend!) But I guess that's what happens when you need to eat food fast and refuse to eat fast food.

Bed beckons. Night!

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