Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is why I hate chat.

This is why I hate chat. 
Me: brb

Them: what's up?

Me: brb something needs addressing.

Them: yes?

Me: brb = be right back

Them: ?? asplenia?

Them: asplenia?

::immediately emails:: "Asplenia, is everything okay??? Do you need me to take off work and come get you?"
I just developed a nervous tic. DUDE ALL I SAID WAS "brb" -- not "I'M SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING"! ::headdesk::


  1. I know time slows down for people who use a computer and have too much coffee, but seven minutes, WHILE PLENTY OF TIME TO ROB A BANK, is not anywhere near enough time for anything to happen in a government job.

  2. Run away. Very far. Very fast.

    Not a reason to hate chat. Reason to hate unstable obsessed people.

  3. If someone doesn't understand "brb" protocol, then they have no business chatting. Don't hate chat-- hate chat with this clueless person.

  4. So many things I could say about this... First, anyone who names their child Them has serious issues. 2nd, Them is an idiot. 3rd, yes, the 2nd sentence in the group of 4 sentences in this paragraph are a joke, except for sentence 2 which is by far, true!