Saturday, September 29, 2012

HOES. Hoes.

Submitted a sketch to an exhibit and saw it displayed today. This is the first time I've ever been in a gallery, and, while thrilling (even though it's a joint no one has ever heard of or ever will AND my piece is mounted next to the bubble gum mound unwittingly erected by bored 'tweens accompanying mothers who sneaked over for the free cookies -- Weight Watchers points don't count if it's not consumed in your own house), I still didn't announce the affair to my friends. I'm secretly extremely judgmental about art and as a beginner am intensely aware of my skill level. Zoo animals' drawing skillz can hump mine; I bow to evolutionary prowess.

Still, people asked me about my piece today.

"HOES," I wanted to say, pointing to my sketch, "see these lines? That's where I fucked up! And they took it anyway. Haha!"

Some people were walking around coughing and sniffling and so I made sure I licked whatever they touched. Disease can be inspiration for my next piece.

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  1. Haaa, "...I'm getting better at the Not Almost Mowing Everyone Down skill, also known as "steering..."
    Just buy a horn or a bell, self preservation is an instinct, you have to learn steering.

    You've always been a really good artist, where are the pictures of your first gallery exhibit?

    "...This is the ideal way to usher in a friendship shift for good though: meet your ex while wearing a baggy sweatshirt, zhlubby jeans and exuding noxious sulfurous ...". I'm guessing he didn't mind. Relationships, even friendships should be based on, 'I love you because, not, I love you even though'.

    Good to hear your channeling your emotions into art. The subconscious seems to be better at working these things out than the heart.