Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Symptoms of Codependency | Psych Central

I pretty much have grappled with all of these except for being controlling. Whoa.

  • Feeling not good enough.
  • Sacrificing one's own needs to accommodate other people. 
  • Feeling responsible for other people’s feelings and problems.
  • Reeling when someone else's opinion of you is negative (because it feels like that is a statement about you instead of just realizing it's one person's opinion). (Codependents give other people's opinions too much power.)
  • Caretaking to the point of putting other people ahead of themselves.
  • Trouble communicating thoughts, feelings and needs. Sometimes not knowing what one needs is the issue but other times it's fear of being truthful to avoid upsetting someone else. (It is always, always better to be honest, even if the message is painful.)
Yay? I can see I have come such a huge way, but I can also see that I'm not "there" yet (as in, fully... actualized?). Whelp, better step up the work on this!

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  1. Really can't agree with the parenthetical in that last bullet point enough...

    Also: Yay! Progress! Keep at it, you're doing great! :)