Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Litmus tests for dieting and dating

I'm thinking that it's all about the questions we ask ourselves. An Aristotelian process of inquiry for discovery. And although you should never take a sentence with that many prepositions seriously, we shall continue. Is s/he the one? Do I really want this tub of ice cream? How do you determine what's best for you in life? So many decisions. Ask thyself:

When Dieting
  • Hankering for something? Ask "Could I eat a big plate of steamed fish and broccoli right now?" If not, then you're not hungry, you're having a craving. Don't do it. Eat real food.

When Dating
  • How will you know you've met the one? When you feel like you won the JACKPOT in a mate. When you can say, "I can't BELIEVE how lucky I am," you've hit it. Score!

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