Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the "Leave My Face Alone" department:

You've heard of facials, right? I had one ONCE, as a gift. I sat in a slippery chair under the glaring brightness of a small sun while someone in a surgical mask (which did not confine their bad breath) peered at my skin through a giant magnifying glass and proceeded to poke, fold, jab, dig, stab, jam and lunge their fingers into my face.

It was maybe the most unrelaxing procedure I've ever had, aside from that hernia surgery that one time. It took my skin 4 days to regain normalcy from its reddened, blotchy, injured state.

So imagine my dismay at seeing this coupon deal. People PAY for this? And it's considered a DEAL?? This is like gifting someone a root canal. REALLY? I feel like creating a "Leave My Face Alone" counteroffer, where someone can pay me for the truth: "SAVE 3 hours, get a massage instead!"

I feel the same way about manis/pedis too. My feet are too ticklish to be manhandled and I cannot handle the boredom of being tended to. No thank you!

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