Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yard sale day, in bullet points:

-- Unfurled self from cozy cocoon at dawn to carry boxes of trivial trinkets out to front lawn where they could be pawed over and sneered at by the masses.

-- Philosophically pondered the various traits that make "the masses" annoying since day has morphed into a personality test lab (case studies abound). Settled on self-absorption as the single most defining factor of irritation regardless of the means with which one got there.

-- Obtained ugly tee shirt tan despite sitting under an umbrella.

-- Practiced poker face when someone, armed with $75 of goods (already marked to sell at garage-sale prices, mind you), asked to purchase it ALL for $1. (Oh HALE no.)

-- Finished yard sale, hauled backbreaking load back into host's house.

-- Drove to urgent care clinic before storm hit.

-- Got diagnosed with pinkeye and mild fever.

-- Shot great video of lightning from waiting room.

-- Drove to fancy dinner where 30 loosely-related people strove to be heard over smarmy, unplanned lounge lizard, tried not to smear eyeball on anyone I hugged.

-- Had mild reaction to eye medicine; remembered this happened before:

These are the days!

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