Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There are a million reasons why it wouldn't work, like him being 2,000 miles away, but the full moon was bright and he was making me laugh my head off, and so we found ourselves playing word games, arms wrapped around each other in the park near the restaurant where we started as old friends catching up.

It was effortless, first the conversation and then the easy hugs. The air was gentle and so was the look in his eyes, and so for an hour, I didn't overthink.

What kind of memory will this make? I usually ask myself before I make a decision. If it seems like a good one, awesome. Green light.

How will we think of this later, I wonder? When our birthdays arrive back-to-back and we haven't seen each other for months? I am sure the memory will be sweet, like our friendship, with the same ease that always existed but will the kiss under the harvest moon linger with the question of what would it be like to date this man or will tonight fade into a happy memory? I could see both, My dear Vin.

Vin, from Gigolos (Showtime show)

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  1. A million reasons why it wouldn't work, a few crucial reasons why it could. It always amazes how people manage to find a way to pull off the impossible. Besides, theres also a million ways to keep in touch, and both of you now have damn good reasons to want to travel, yeah?