Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I do believe you have my stapler (and other search terms I used)

So today I found my web search history going back to 2008. Apparently there were some very important things that I needed to learn more about:
  • fucktard
  • fuck fucking fuckers
  • Dupont circle escalator of doom
  • x rays of things people got stuck inside them
  • the raging spleen drink
  • fat bottomed girls lyrics
  • list of horrible careers
  • adipiscing definition
  • Master of Arts in Writing program JHU
  • sea cucumber defense
  • abs
  • anthocyanins
  • look at these fucking artichokes
  • tarantula dishes
  • backfat
  • angry chicken
  • my humps alannis
  • penis-shaped tree
  • i kiss you mahir
  • hirsute
  • acromegalic cat
  • blue whales singing in a lower key
  • mr. bob dobalina
  • x-linked ichthyosis
  • lady gaga is a man
  • christopher moore bloodsucking
  • xoloitzcuintli
  • boll weevil
  • elephant seals fighting
  • gross stuff in our food rat hair facts
  • worst analogies ever
  • what are darl lumps
  • histrionic personality disorder
  • Abraham Lincoln did not have type 5 spinocerebellar ataxia
  • 100,000 characters and their standard deviants
  • law and neuroscience
  • history of the federal reserve
  • i do believe you have my stapler
  • hate raking leaves
  • i'm rich biatch
I still don't know what darl lumps are (because I've forgotten and didn't re-click on the link). Anyone know? Bueller? ;)

Want to vote for a favorite?


  1. Maybe they just mistyped "dark lumps."

  2. I Kiss You Mahir is my FAVORITE!

  3. Backfat is totally my fave. I laughed my ass off reading this. I've always told my friends that if my computer is ever confiscated for some reason by the Feds, they're going to need to vouch for me when it comes to my Google image searches. Believe it or not, at the time, "elephants fucking" was an incredibly appropriate visual for the blog I was writing.