Monday, February 14, 2011

the werewolves were all right

So, last night I had this dream where I was in a forest heading to a campground when I saw this snarling, raging pack of werewolves running at me. I saw I wasn't the *target* but was in the way of their stampede. First I was all FUCK! I'm gonna die! And then something in my brain realized that these werewolves were only after actual wolves, not humans. And if I stood very still, they would pass. And they did. There was a huge frenzy around me and dust kicked up and I thought I'd get knocked down and trampled but didn't.

I woke up and was like oh hey, an allegory for life. Don't be afraid of the demons on the horizon, they won't kill you afterall. Stand your ground.

Thankyou, brain. :)

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  1. And who knows? Maybe the demons on the horizon themselves, like the werewolves, are simply figments of the imagination...

    (P.S. - I've never run into werewolves while camping. Freaky "Twilight" fans, yes, but not actual werewolves. ;) )