Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strangest group of things ever (unintentionally) purchased together

So, today I offer you: the strangest group of things I ever purchased that were (I swear!) completely unrelated to eachother:

1. Tuck's medicated hemorrhoid pads

2. 5 lb jar of Vaseline

3. a pickle


Yes. I bought these things.

I was 14 and standing in line at the grocery store with my best friend when she glanced at the checkout belt and said, "Um, I'll be outside."

That's when I noticed what I was buying.

Most of the items were not mine (except the pickle).

(Well, the jar of vaseline was a gag gift. That I probably should have purchased separately!)


  1. A box fan, duct tape, 2 gallons of bleach, and a shower curtain.... True story and no there were no dead bodies, just a few loud rambunctious kids in the nursery at church that came down with a virus....

  2. I once had a first date where we decided to work on our Halloween costumes together. We went to buy supplies and of course he forgot his wallet so I ended up paying for his. Together, we had the following:

    - A gigantic sheet

    - Cheapest pair of granny underwear I could find.

    - XXL red teddie (lingerie) obviously for him, not me.

    - XXL nylons (again, for him).

    - The biggest fake cigar he could find.

    - 10 rolls of duct tape (different colors).

    I also once had a crush on a guy who worked at the grocery store so I was trying to come up with any excuse to go to the store. One day the only thing I could think of that we needed was mouthwash. And the only method of payment I had was a bunch of nickels. He never did ask me out.

  3. I actually buy a lot of random things. But I actually got COMPLIMENTED on a purchase by the cashier once....I was buying peanut butter, jelly, and bread. That's it. She said it was the most cohesive purchase she'd ever seen. I also once bought a book called How to Talk Dirty (for a friend's bachelorette party) and a map of Vegas (I was moving there), which I also found oddly appropriate.

  4. An older customer the other day asked me "I need to know where two things are: Laxatives and where are your baked beans" haha!

  5. Well it was for a bachelorette party, but I once went through a grocery store and purchased every phallic symbol I could find!!! That was probably the weirdest...

  6. They werent purchased together, but I once expensed a hotel room and a bucket of liquid latex from an adult toy store on the same expense report for work.