Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 things.

    1. Why do people think it's enough to run 0.02 seconds of water on their hands after using the bathroom? That is not WASHING.
    2. My favorite new saying, coined from Arrogant Ass's blog: "Can't a bitch have a vice?"
    3. I may or may not have stapled my cardigan yesterday.
    4. I hate the word "cardigan," it's so pretentious.
    5. Although how can you hate a whole type of clothing? But I do.
    6. I went to an event at my old workplace a couple nights ago and saw bigboobs, I can tell she still hates me. I'm sorry but I cannot help that I noticed -- stop handling your tits in public then!!
    7. Note to self: next time landlord has an inspection, PUHLEASE put away the medical textbook on The Genito-Urinary Tract.


    1. 1. can't agree more, especially since I know what grows and stays on human skin, as well as reading proper method that doctors suggest to wash one's hands...
      2. Sure a bitch can have a vice but mine requires opposable thumbs to operate, and I can see training a dog to turn the lever to open or close it would take a lot of doing.
      3/4/5. Cardigan... don't own one. Not sure why staples would be needed...and I try not to hate the inanimate
      6. I must admit the women hating on each other thing, I just don't get. Boob handling in public is as bad as crotch grabbing, and (elbow deep) nose picking in my book.
      7. First thing that came to mind, before reading beyond cat box smell, was "Phermones!", and then I read the rest and thought "Cash!" and "Desperation!" Yeaah!.
      8. The sex toys, those certain illustrated publications, and the fluorescent colored thongs hanging on the laundry rack might just be a little embarrasing, especially if seen by the landlord, I agree. . . I don't know what you had out on display that could have been so embarrasing?.

    2. So many things here I'd like to see developed into posts, or at least elaborated on...