Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Have you heard of DragonCon? I hadn't before a few years ago. It's a Science Fiction convention in Atlanta that attracts around 30-40,000 people annually around Labor Day; people dress up in bizarre and interesting outfits and attend panels and film showings. Two years ago, I went with a huge group of like 30 people; here are some shots from then, posting now because it's the perfect time of year to relive those days.

Overheard at Dragoncon:

(Overheard at a steak house)
"I'm sorry, we are out of steak."
"Why do you hate my freedom?"

"Dude, the term 'laundering money' is
just supposed to be an expression."

"This elevator can hold ten people... or three Americans."

"I stab you because I care."

"I thought there might be a corset in my future until I realized they cost more than my plane ticket."

"Ok, so, an Irishman walks out of a bar...
(loooooong pause)
...and so that's the joke... The Irishman doesn't actually ever leave the bar..."


Dragoncon missed connections:
"You - WOW blond wizard. Me - ancient wizard. You were pressing awfully hard into me during our photo. Just wondering if there was a lingering interest. Put your robe color in Subject Line of first email."

"I can't figure out why I left without getting your contact information. I know your name is Dan, and you make leather jackets. You were the best Wolverine I've ever seen. We talked for a while, just standing in the crowd. I wish I could find a picture of us. Hopefully, I'll see you at another convention soon."


  1. A friend of mine really wants to go to Dragon Con.
    we're trying to set up a trip for him and his wife.
    Great pics!

  2. Thank you! If y'all go next year, I'll look forward to your pics too!