Friday, October 12, 2012

Does it count as a date if it's a counseling session?

Two nights ago I sat at a picnic table with a friend while we swirled paint onto canvasses.
Friend: This is going to make a great sound when it lands in the trash.

Me: Yes. It doesn't matter if we hate it (because I do) because we're just experimenting, right?

Friend: Right. And doing this in the dark was a great idea. I can't even see it. So I'm not full of rage like I was in that shitty drawing class we took.

Me: Ha!

Friend: So how's it going with that new guy?

Me: I think we broke up.

Friend: Why?

Me: We didn't email at ALL today. So it's probably over.

Friend: Oh, sorry to hear about that.

Me (swirling gobs of black onto painting): Eh, what can you do.

Friend: Did you get back together with your ex?

Me: Yes, we have a date tonight. We never even TALKED about the breakup, can you believe it?

Friend: It will probably come up in couple's counseling.


  1. Thank you for this. As a guy, it's always insightful to know what's going on inside a woman's head.

    On a more serious note, hope it's going well and that you have a wonderful time tonight! (And that the not emailing isn't a serious issue...)

  2. Haha! It's fine, I am just on hyper-alert for any signs that someone isn't into me, I don't like hanging on if they're checking out. I said it: *hyper* alert. Lol!

  3. Before I read your words above, know that I had thought of getting you a headlamp,(handsfree flashlight you wear) or maybe one of those baseball caps with the LED lights in the brim (see HomeDepot/Lowe's)so your night time outings might be better illuminated. (i.e. the running/ walking/cycling in the dark, and now painting?...)

    Glad to hear that you are wary of changes, but you might just have the gain turned up a little high on your sensors. You might want to attempt to turn it down a little (squelch in CB terms, is to use only the power/level necessary) when you are with the person(s) in question in increments, somewhere in between 10 (freak-out) and 1 (oblivious) whereas (0) is not possible until brain death. I am guessing *hyper* alert is somewhere 7 and 9...
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  4. OMG, I *hate* those several-hour break-ups that you don't even talk about! And the fact that he probably doesn't even know that you broke up is NO excuse!!!

  5. Very funny. You posted this three days ago, so I assume by now you two are married with 2.5 kids?

  6. More material compliments of the universe. I feel like I was there. Well, I guess I was...