Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some thoughts from today

-- It's still not easy to hear about the girl the Cyclist is dating, and I don't love this. It means I'm not completely past it yet. However, I *am* finally at the point where I want to offer more "friendship value" by being able to hear what he's up to rather than shutting it down selfishly which was kindof a shitty friend thing, so at least I'm moving past that.

-- I hoped being totally into Conference Guy would erase previous feelings but it hasn't, at least not yet. But that's probably part of being human and all of this is pretty recent. But I appreciate that he and I can even *talk* about this, and all kinds of things actually. The kind of emotional bond we are growing is pretty amazing.<3

-- I checked my teeth on the shuttle to make sure I hadn't been yakking away at lunch with spinach lodged in my teeth and noticed, of course, my fucking hair. Can't it look nice just ONCE??
-- Whatever!

-- I'm so entirely exciting about moving next week, if all goes as planned (and it may not, so we'll see, there might be delays).

-- I'm thrilled at the idea of no longer playing trash jenga. No more roommates!!

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  1. So are you moving to California or did you buy a flat?