Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Swooning over love songs lately

I wasn't going to write this month because of other writing projects taking priority but I can't help myself. I have to throw a snippet out here.

The most amazing thing is happening  and I don't know what to make of it. I'm falling in love. I've long since kicked my logical brain out the door, none of this makes sense. I'm not even going to spell out the ridiculousness, that's how crazy it is. But it's a fucking incredible ride. It's like a train that barreled into my life and I'm just hanging on. I don't know where it's going and I don't care. It's the sweetest sensation. 

I've been on a high over this guy for two weeks and it feels like the best thing in the world. Dear reader, your loveless blogger has it bad. And it's oh, so good.

"And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course."  Khalil Gibran

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  1. Isn't it great? This is one of the things that made my former habit of falling for people all the time so utterly fantastic and, ultimately, liberating... even if I didn't ever really do the dating thing. That ride was always so fantastic... and the lasting relationships--friendships--that did form from a good number of them? Extra added bonus to my life.

    I miss that. A lot.

    May your ride continue to be wild and awesome for a good, long time. :)

  2. I get it - it's a gift just to let yourself feel your feelings for another. Kinda like when I would just love the birds or my dog, they didn't necessarily even know how I was feeling but my heart warmed up at the very thought. Letting go is beautiful.