Thursday, June 20, 2013

What am I buying? Stuff I buy, because you want to know.

Because this is the MOST riveting topic I could think of, I thought I would grace you all with a list of stuff I buy. Isn't that great??

Stuff I buy:

1. Hair conditioner. (Actually I buy a lot of hair conditioner, and all different kinds too because ONE of them is bound to make my locks all soft and silky, right? Marketers, keep it up, I almost fall for your pitches.)

2. Food. I should have put this first, if we're prioritizing. I buy a LOT of food. I love to eat. It's awesome, I highly recommend it. If you haven't heard of food, you should try it.

3. Socks. Not cotton though, those harden in the dryer and become all gritty. I must have soft socks. Luckily you only have to buy socks once in your life though, it's not as much of a repeat demand purchase as food.

4. Animals. I have purchased animals before. Some people might refer to them as pets. Sometimes you can get them for free, but not always. Although I don't have any creatures right now, I once bought a parakeet for $20. It served the dual purpose of both companionship and musical transmission device and was a really great purchase, although it only lasted 10 years. Be sure to have backup companions and music.

5. Floss. I buy quite a bit of floss, as I am extremely OCD about dental cleanliness. (All that eating, you know?) NO STORE sells the floss I like so I must buy mine online in gargantuan 6-month supply stocks. But it is wonderful floss and my dentist recommends it.

Now that I have shared five things I buy, I will share the idea for this post. Every blogger mines the world for blog topics and today mine came from the news.

Today in WORLD NEWS headlines, we see the following top-ranked item of interest:

What's Kate Been Buying for Baby??
Inquiring minds want to know.
So much is happening in the world today but the most important question I've been waiting for has FINALLY been answered: "What's Kate Been Buying for Baby?"

I thought I might go the rest of my life and never know.

Thank you, news aggregators, for prioritizing these current events . My burning curiosity about Kate's purchases can now rest.

I hope YOU blog about your purchases next and we make this a widespread Internet meme. Tag, you're it!


  1. You.Forgot.Cheesecake!!

  2. I buy:

    1. Hummus
    2. Workout DVDs
    3. Books on my Kindle (One day I will actually get around to reading them.)
    4. Dark chocolate
    5. Two Buck Chuck

    This stuff is RIVETING!

  3. What kind of socks are you buying that it's a lifetime purchase??? I buy a half dozen more every few months.