Friday, September 6, 2013

A conversation in which I reveal why I would make a terrible spy

Girl 1: [Mutual friend's] hair looks so good in this play, it really fits him.

Girl 2: Yes, this hairstyle is great, he looks awesome!

Me: Um, his hair is different?

Girls 1 & 2: hahaha, you didn't notice?

Me: Uh, not really.. I mean I'm not really looking at his hair at work.

Girls 1 & 2: What ARE you looking at then? Oh my!

Me (struggling to understand why they are giggling) (slowly getting it) (horrified) (is it not obvious that people in the workplace automatically get compartmentalized into asexuals??) (right??) (wishing I'd said something witty like "his pocket protector!" but the nerd in me wasn't fast enough) (what's a pocket protector??): Nothing I swear! (Why do I suddenly sound, and now feel, guilty?!?)


Women are not as visual as men, seriously, we are not staring at crotches to assess partner potential!

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  1. Unless this is all a subtle ploy to distract us from your keen observational powers...