Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My new band name is totally going to be The Fighting Shower Curtains

I got home last night ready to toss my skirt for being excessively annoying. It's made of this swishy fabric that sounds like shower curtains fighting and every time I waltzed down the hall, heads popped up from behind computers, no doubt wondering why there was a small fabric tornado descending down the corridor. How did I not realize an article of clothing could be so irritating? Sure, it's cute but no amount of adorableness can save it now. I'm donating it this weekend. Let someone wear it to salsa dancing class, I'm done with it.

However, I felt like dancing when I got home from that fantastic first date last night (luckily the restaurant noisily outcompeted my skirt). I wasn't sure how conversation would go since on the phone I was feeling shy but in person, while I was still nervous, it flowed easily -- we had a million things to talk about. Somehow we got on the subject "what was life like for you 10 and 20 years ago" (a great date question, it turns out) and never stopped. The coffee meetup turned into dinner and an almost 5 hour date.

When I got home, several roommies were chatting on the porch and greeted me happily, making the house feel all homey. I tucked away my leftovers and crawled into bed thinking about a very rich day: a great convo with the Cyclist, a wonderful date, and how lucky I am that I didn't get put on employee probation for noisily disturbing the workforce with my apparel. (I'm not so sure they'll be as understanding a second time, however, and now you see what I must do.)

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

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