Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I dreamt it was late and I was driving and then I got lost, but as I
started to round a dangerous curve, I thought oh this looks familiar.
So I kept going.

But the road got worse and worse until soon I was navigating over
boulders and at one point I almost fell off the cliff but I kept going
somehow, my car defying the laws of physics.

Then suddenly there was no where to go. I drove myself into a dead
end. I stood there a minute shocked and lost, looking around to assess
the situation I suddenly found myself in.

Far below, there was a deep aqua pool and I didn't so much jump as
let myself fall, surrendering to fate; if it was death, so be it. But
I didn't die. The water cushioned me and I looked around, lost while
floating in a beautiful cerulean sea.

1 comment:

  1. That is a good dream (if I may say so myself). To journey with faith and trust in yourself or your car(being strangely capable).
    I too have had to surrender to fate, and expect to again in the future. It is the risk/creative choice I take.