Friday, July 4, 2014

5 things

1. EIGHT hours after dental work, I can finally move my lips again. (Does it take *everyone* this much time for Novocain to wear off??)

2. I somehow bit the hell out of my tongue anyway, despite not eating a single drop of food. All that restraint--I'm starving!!--and it still wasn't worth it.

3. Sad at ending something before it even started, but there will be no third date for Sweet Home State Guy and I. He handled it so nicely though - you can tell a lot about someone's character by how they handle unwelcome news.

4. July 4th. This time last year is the last time I really dated someone besides the Cyclist. I feel a million miles away from then. Remember City Guy? Now we're like, friends and shit. We sit all Dharma-like in meditation class (yes, we took the class together), flying through the air and becoming one with the universe, then head to the salad bar where I encourage him to ask out that cute girl he likes in class. I never thought we'd be friends. Life is weird.

5. Life is wonderful too.

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