Sunday, January 9, 2011

you're doing it wrong.

So, I recounted this story to friends last night and laughed, thinking "ha! I have to post this on my blog."

When I was still in college, this guy invited me over to watch a movie for our first date. We settled in on the couch and he put his arm around me. About a half hour into the film, the phone rang and he ran into the bedroom to answer it.

Then he emerged a few minutes later completely naked.

Really guy? All your clothes off? I've known you for like 29 minutes, we've never even kissed and you've completely stripped to your birthday suit unannounced and uninvited? This was more than a little weird.

I stood up, threw on my coat and backed towards the door. "Um, I have to go," I said. He started pleading with me, a visual only made more surreal by the shaking of body parts I wouldn't normally see during such earnest gesticulations..

Suddenly the phone rang again. He seemed distracted and cocked one ear towards the bedroom and then looked back at me, awkwardly frozen in a posture of reaching. "Wait, don't go!" he pleaded. His voicemail came on as I reached the door. I put a hand on the doorknob and then heard a hoarse, female voice: "STEVEN! Where are you? It's ME. Pick up, I KNOW YOU ARE THERE. Pick up! Why are you ignoring me?"

Then I slipped out in disgust.

Um, guy? You're doing it wrong....

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  1. But, and be honest here: you remember exactly what he looks like, sans clothing, to this day, don't you?

    Funny thing is, I'd react the same way if a woman did the same thing. Not just because the boldness would be off-putting, but who doesn't like the fun of the anticipation? More to the point: did this guy have no idea how awesome it is when someone else takes off your clothes???