Saturday, July 21, 2012


"The doors we open & close each day determine our lives." Flora Whittemore
I told someone wise my story last week and their answer still reverberates. "He needs to do what he needs to do. His behavior makes complete sense, actually. But what matters is, is it comfortable for you?"


  1. What a difference a day makes?
    Still, I think it's good (and important) that you're acting on your romantic instincts towards what feels wright for you.

    regardless of how confuse I'm getting. ;)

  2. It's confusing to me too. It'd be easy if someone said, "Hey, I'm crazy about you but my life is horrendously busy/hard/etc. right now" and they did what they could, but because I am aware of what is possible for him despite a busy/hard schedule, this makes me dissatisfied with the shift into lesser & inconsistent communication. Being the one to decide I don't want to do this though doesn't mean it hurts less.

  3. There are times that we are most relaxed, open to the possibility, hopeful even, and it is then that something in the universe throws us off balance.

    Perhaps it is during this time of clarity that we see the reality of something that we had dressed up in hope and possibility; [perhaps lied to ourself] rationalizing, giving the benefits of the doubts for just long enough to see . . .

    Something fall out of balance. (which happened to me, and I saw someone doing it for me... and both times, in the short term, it did not turn out well. A long story for another time.)