Tuesday, December 3, 2013

5 things that annoyed me today

ANNOYING THING #1. It took TWO HOURS to try and click a "forward" button for an email this morning because, well, shitty software. I still never actually "forwarded" it. The software is so unbelievably terrible that the IT department had to *escalate* it to an even higher level where a special software engineer has been assigned to troubleshoot it. I really want to love my job but seriously??

ANNOYING THING #2. "Holiday" cards with a picture of a Christmas tree. Save your ink and just admit you are a Christmas card. It's fine, I don't actually care, but having that graphic with the sentiment "happy holidays" is ridiculous.
You're doing it wrong.
ANNOYING THING #3. The existence of Phyllo dough. It's useless, time-consuming, limiting, hard to find and isn't even tasty. What good is it?

Phyllo dough looks like a roll of soggy paper towels (and probably
tastes like it too without the pound of butter and honey). Why bother??
ANNOYING THING #4. Actually most dough to me is like that. It's like tofu, it takes on the flavor of whatever it's with so it's really just a medium. THAT'S why I'm not into carbs, you guys. They're not that good unless they're loaded with sugar, salt or fat.
Sad bread needs friends.

ANNOYING THING #5. The following exchange which happened around lunchtime:
Me (walking down hall): hey.

Coworker I barely know (gawking at chest and pointing to my left boob): WHAT'S THAT??

Me (looking down, at first in horror, at my left boob, worried what I might discover and then relaxing when I realized that my clothes had not, in fact, evaporated undetected): Um, that's part of the SWEATER.
How to win friends and influence people: unabashedly stare at various body parts.
I don't wear loud clothes. What could possibly have been so captivating about the design of my sweater that it so overpowered the most basic niceties of societal training, namely, to return the greeting of a near stranger? We definitely are not on "hey what's up with your left boob" terms either so I really don't understand exactly what transpired in that hallway. It wasn't the slightest bit sexist or flirtatious, he just looked at me like Santa was sprouting from my chest cavity.
"The problem with Ugly Sweater contests is that
the winner doesn't usually realize they're playing." (Ha!)

Now I'm home exercising patience!!


  1. At some point, you need to come over for my wife and I to make you dinner.
    Homemade pasta, and yes, something wrapped in phyllo dough.

  2. I do admit that your bake-offs sound quite tasty... What is made with phyllo dough besides baklava though?

    1. It can be used for wrapping things - we made a nice mushroom and carmelized shallot stuffed puff pastry recently; it can be used for layering in savory dishes, as the crouton for french onion soup, for a hot-pocket kind of thing stuffed with meat or cheese and vegetables (but much much tastier than a hot pocket).
      We also use it sometimes with asparagus -- lightly saute the asparagus, then give it a wide puff pastry belt (3 or 4 together) and bake it a few minutes.

      Its uses are only limited by imagination!

  3. Say mushrooms and I'm in. That sounds amazing, actually, I change my mind!