Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cubicle Drift is totally going to be the name of my cover band.

I feel like I should write something although I'm not in the mood. I last left off on a kindof melancholy note but the past few days have been awesome, it's a shame to give my future self the impression I was in a days-long funk so here's what's new:

Recent stuff:

1. Work is great. I'm moving cubicles to one that's not in a main thoroughfare, yay!
Current. Not terrible, but not ideal. The drain gets in the way.
Future. This bathroom sink gets MUCH less traffic, see.
2. Amazon Prime is awesome because I kept forgetting to pick up shoelaces for the Cyclist. I mean, who remembers to go to the kind of store that actually SELLS shoelaces unless you're buying shoes, which I almost never am? Exactly. Online is so much easier. Three clicks and the laces are on the way.
3. I discovered I don't have to wait that two hours for the space heater to kick in. Electric throw, yo! I am SO goddamned cozy now you  have NO idea.

4. My mom is learning how to text. She's so cute.

Actual text, I kid you not.

5. I feel extremely un-boy-crazy the past few days and it's kindof awesome.

6. Speaking of boys, I told you I signed up for a dating class, right? The next homework assignment is to come up with a list of qualities we want in a partner. (I HAD one and accidentally deleted it after the Alex incident. Oops.) So far though, the class is fun. Really, the best thing it's offering is a sense of hope, not to give up. Turns out that's really common. The instructor urged people to remember a time when they had to work hard at something that wasn't coming easy. "My career was tough to get off the ground," one girl piped in. "Now, it's great!" 

I always liked the job thing as an analogy. You don't stop looking for work just because you can't find it. You keep trying. Sure it's discouraging but the need to buy shoelaces drives you forward. Maybe love just feels easier to give up. But don't! At least not without emailing me or commenting so I can give you a pep talk about how awesome you are.

(Just watch the first 3 minutes.)

7. I signed up for an 8-week program to quit sugar. I'm terrified. Hold me? It starts Monday. I've never followed a diet in my life (aside from just trying to eat healthy with bad stuff generally in moderation). But I've been lamenting my cravings forEVER and these last 10 lbs that I can't seem to shed, so obviously what I'm doing is not enough.

Plus, fuck February. Everyone hates February. If I'm going to pick an entire month to spend in a bad mood, it may as well be this one.
I dove into a serving of ice cream last night as if it was my last meal and then I found out that actually, the diet does NOT actually start tomorrow. That's just when they email the menu so there's time to buy the arsenal of flavorless wood chips for snacking. Boo. Now I have to psych back up to start.

8. It snowed this morning, a dusting. Me:

9. I'm reading a book on the brain so I can better understand my nucleus accumbens.

10. And now I have a text to tend to. Night!

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  1. Yeah, I watched the whole video.
    Wow, you seem busy!

    (Good luck with the Mom texting)