Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

"If you're failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." Ben Franklin
I never really understood how important it was to "set yourself up for success" -- what do you need for success besides hard work? But it turns out: a lot. You need more than just your will. You need a plan.

Most New Year's resolutions are annoying because they don't involve a strategy. The number one question to identify is, are you happy with the way you're living? If not, what do you want to change? What do you need to do to make that change?

Last year, I resolved to get serious about getting to bed early. I don't think I started this resolution on New Year's but one day I decided I wanted to feel well-rested when I woke, wake up early, AND not to an alarm. Three things solved by one plan: get to bed early. I've been rocking this most of the time now and love it.

This year, here's what I would like to have accomplished by year's end: more creative projects finished (including to have a draft of one book idea completed), feel awesome in my body, read more (I am not moving until I finish reading -- then donating -- most of my books), and save more money. I'm writing this here so I have a place to remind myself of my long term goals.


1. Creativity: Schedule time for projects FRIDAY NITE! 7-9pm is my class with myself. Open studio. (Note to self: spend first session tomorrow night breaking down what I want to do and steps.)

2. Health: cardio at least 4 days a week, stretching at least 5 days a week, and strength training Tuesday & Friday (all in the morning at the gym at work to get it done). And eat healthy: dried pineapple and yogurt seem to be an awesome substitute for junk food, my great weakness. (I don't totally have a good strategy to combat my desire for sweets though so I need to think hard about this.)

3. Reading: crawl into bed earlier so I have more time to read. I love reading before I fall asleep.

4.Savings: I already increased my automatic savings so let's see if that works.

Important followup: touch base with self every couple of weeks to evaluate. If it's not working well, adjust strategy as needed.

Happy New Year!


Followup: other people's New Year's resolutions (200 to be exact) from Wait but Why, like:
"I have been a hip hop & ballet dance choreographer for twelve years, at the age of thirty two I have finally decided to leave the world of dance and head back to college to study physics. Namely special relativity, particle physics, quantum, string & astronomy. Science & our universe has always been my first love so there you have it, my "new year's resolution" is: I've decided that I want my contribution in life to be in science."
Isn't that inspiring? Some others are just plain hilarious. See all at:

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  1. And even altogether, it doesn't sound overwhelming.
    Wonderful plan!