Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh, the possibilities

So, I ditched one dating site to try out another.

I was trying it from my phone so I posted a single photo and the text, "I'm new here, no info yet. Will add more later." I didn't expect anyone to write until they could actually learn more about me so I was surprised when I got a few emails. The following two stood out:
"Good morning Angel, i hope your night was restful and your weekend is going well? I dont really know where to begin, but will hope after reading my short note of interest in you and my profile to see if i match your critical, you'd give me the opportunity of extending my interest and communication more... I'm xxxxxxxxxx and new to this site, I have turn on here seeking a partner and a woman whom we can be happy as one and grow older in each others hands together. Though non of us on here knows where this might be leading us yet, but i believe risk re worth taking to see what God might be planing for us through this site....Apart from your nice profile, you've really got a lovely smile and a nice hair style that caught my sight a lot and I'd like to chat with you and get know you more, if you don't mind?...i will stop here for now and hope to read from you soon on here or in my email xxxxxxxxx, if you'd be interested in extending this communication more to see if there is chemistry and where the road of faith can be leading us from here. Take care and i wish you a Happy Sunday."

No comment.

Then there was this:
"You are a very pretty and very sexy woman. What are you looking to find here? As for me I am looking for a friend, lover and confidante. I am not looking for marriage. I did that once and it was a disaster! No more of that for me thank you!

My kids are grown now (both in their thirties) and live in the Philadelphia area. I live alone (of course) in VA and I enjoy a quiet life. Some people see this as boring…I see it as peaceful and full of opportunities for serenity and reflection. I am retired from the Coast Guard and from xxxxxxxxxx. I enjoy doing things and being places that enhance a peaceful outlook on life and give me serenity. I practice meditation. I try to live a life per American Zen as taught by Charlotte Joko Beck. That is to say, I use everything at my disposal to be at peace with myself and my surroundings at all times as much as possible.

The LAST thing that I am looking to find here is lots and lots of melodrama topped off with ongoing, non-stop and untreated mental instability and frosted over with heaps of nutty behavior and highly charged craziness between me and a woman with whom I am involved. I have had a lifetime of that insanity.

I cannot take another round of the Lucy Show mixed in with the Roseanne Barr Show and topped off with the ‘Thelma and Louise Strike Again’ sequel in my lifetime. I would like to try having some peaceful living now mixed in with nice, basic human affection and warmth with a stable woman. I want to be involved with a ‘sassy, unpredictable, spur-of-the-moment’ woman like I want the Black Plague.

If you are interested in getting to know me, let me know. If not, good luck in your search. I wish you the best Beautiful!
I love when people put what they DON'T want. "No crazies!" As if I'll say, huh. I'm nuts, guess I shouldn't email him." I mean, do the nutty ones even KNOW? Seriously, people.

Oh, the possibilities.


  1. Ha! I like the second guy. He's very clear in what he's looking for.

    Hope you catch a diamond on the new site!

  2. The first one reads like scam dating site spam I get via regular email sometimes...