Wednesday, January 30, 2013

more diary entries

So, since I'm on a diary kick, I found a bunch of really old diary entries that I've been storing in a "journals" folder. I don't have dates for them but they're ANCIENT.

I hate everything and everybody. I hate school, I hate work, I hate being an advertising assistant for the shitty school newspaper, men suck and someone stole my jacket.
A few days ago I tried to introduce two of my friends to eachother. They both hate eachother now.

I'm sitting here in a dirty, grungy gas station where it looks like all the employees are ready to kick someone's ass. I hope it's not mine. My car failed inspection this morning and a big fat guy thrust the FAIL card in my face and boomed, "Ya FAILED 'cause ya pollutin' the environment!!" Great.
My benadryl itch stick leaked out all over my bag's contents on the plane. Now everything smells like sour medicine and I probably have dimenhydrinate (sp?) all over my fingers.
I thought it was universally agreed upon that dark olive was a hideous choice in paint. Didn't we learn anything from the 60s & 70s? Yesterday in Home Depot, a couple turned to me for my opinion. "We have a tiny room we're trying to brighten up. What do you think of this?" BRIGHTEN?? Are you HIGH??? You deserve to sit in a vomit-colored cell for even THINKING that would work. Get the damn olive paint.
This day could not have gone worse:
1. woke up when I was supposed to leave
2. lost my glasses and was even later
3. dumped bottle of water over in my backpack soaking checks for the bank deposit, notebook for important meeting, passenger side seat, new contract, forms, newspaper articles and phone numbers written on little slips and my entire backside.
4. slouched too much
5. bit my tongue while eating lunch and I couldn't do anything but talk like I was brain-damaged the rest of the meal.
And the day's not even over!!

  1. finish that damned comm law stuff (homework)
  2. finish that damned astrology stuff (side freelancing business)
  3. finish that damned AIDS article (for the school newspaper)
  4. put in a note off for work / Feb. 1 & dentist & Dr.'s app.
  5. Go to the stupid bank and make a dumb deposit.
  6. Pay those stupid shitty parking and speeding tickets. (Got in trouble parking on campus, UGH)
  7. Buy the stupid damned books and read the stupid damned material in them. (Semester just started, time to buy books.)
  8. Stop being so damned hostile!

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  1. I talk to myself often in the tone of the last entry.
    Sometimes I do it out loud, way too emotively so that I realize how ridiculously funny it is.