Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Social media and WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN and truths about exes

Gawd. Sometimes I hate social media. I logged onto Instagram, saw that an ex "liked" a photo I posted yesterday and thought oh, huh, enough time has passed that I can probably "follow" him again. I popped over to his profile only to have my eyes scorched by a glaringly-intimate photo of bare naked female legs sprawled out on a bed with a bowl of whipped cream tucked into the crook of her knee. B+ for artistic nudity but seriously, did I need to see that?

Also, seriously, you're posting that on the internet, dude?

So, a coupla things:

1. This is the truest truth you will ever read:
Once partners become exes, their lives become one big giant orgy where not only are you not invited, but it is a well-known scientific fact that the need for sleeping, eating or working is replaced with the need for sex with people who are not you.
2. Why should it bother me when I ended it? Maybe they are really happy together and he's a different person now, or with her, who knows. In which case I should man up and graciously welcome their joy. But grr!


  1. I thought social media was just for stalking exes,not actually communicating with them.

    I hope he's happy with his new girl, in a spot where you never have to cross paths with him again.

  2. Oye, social media makes moving on so hard sometimes.After my last breakup, it took the longest time before I quit stalking his facebook page and googling his name. It eventually turned in to a bad habit, a compulsion-and I would hate myself for doing it. I'm happy in my relationship now, and I know that still, if I came across him on the internet it would ruin my day,.